Symbolic Links building & Extracting zip keeping perm origin



Scenario: You installed in Ubuntu Eclipse IDE but to run needed JDK/JRE (Java) being installed in Ec;ipse dir /home/leonidassavvides/Documents/eclipse/jre/bin/java , instead of install JAva in this directory you install in default directory and create a symbolic link at /home/leonidassavvides/Documents/eclipse/jre/bin/java .

# create directories that needed
leonidassavvides@ubuntu:~$ mkdir -p /home/leonidassavvides/Documents/eclipse/jre/bin

# link directories java to java/eclipse
leonidassavvides@ubuntu:~$ ln -s /usr/lib/jvm/jdk-11.0.3/bin/java /home/leonidassavvides/Documents/eclipse/jre/bin/java

now Eclipse IDE should work


Scenario: Extract Prestashop zip archive keeping origin before extract files/folders permissions the same

coming soon



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