Starting with Raspberry Pi 3 B+ – Read this book first

Starting with Raspberry Pi 3 B+


Read this book first even yet bought Raspberry Pi … this guides you what’s available and what buy… for yours needs… eg if you buy kit pack must include pi charger but plain box Pi only Raspberry Pi 3 B+ board includes and even Not include SD Micro card… so you have also buy the latter too.

Also includes many things to do with your new Raspberry Pi … This book refers for Raspberry Pi 3 B (2016)… but as of date of writing the newest model is 3 B+ (2018) … but the differences between the two is minimal – do your search and you will proof this – so is ok to use this book.

The book is…

Raspberry Pi For Dummies 3rd Edition by Sean McManus (Author), Mike Cook (Author)

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