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My First PC Build – i5 8400 – 2 x 8GB DDR4 – 500GB M.2 NVE x4


Date: 2018 December 7-15 Cost 800€

Future Expansion To:

Additional Cost 400€

RAID 1 : 2 x 3TB HDD[for my Data], NVIDIA GTX 1050 Graphics Card

OSs[64-bit]: Windows 10 Pro OS
Virtual Machine[64-bit]: Ubuntu Studio 18.10 OS, Fedora 29 OS, Manjaro Arch Linux OS, Zorin OS Education… etc Distros

Computer Parts:


Image Shots:




















































Video Shots:


  1. I have read my MB manual. Nevertheless I recommend at start read some different MB (same vendor) manuals to get the idea/some experience, and because manuals may show different guidelines eg my MB not indicate Ram chip insert priority – 4 slots one Ram chip – also not show how adapt head sink & CPU Fan in the MB. In contrast some other Asus MB manuals show this info, and also I have registered the motherboard in Asus Site and contacted Asus Support pertinent to all my Questions. My MB manual shows only how adapt processor in its slot in MB.
  2. I prefer Intel Processors as only these support Hackintosh Build Systems or Mac OS in Virtual Machines in hypervisors like Vmware Workstation Player or Oracle VirtualBox