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http://ebooks.edu.gr/new/ // Greek Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools textbooks available in PDF Free in Greek
https://service.eudoxus.gr/public/departments // Greek University textbooks by course (Listings)
http://www.moec.gov.cy/ypexams/panexams/odigoi-exetaseon.html    Odigi Exetaseon Cyprus 2018 – Exam Guide Cyprus
Βήματα Σχεδιασμού Σχολικού Iστότοπου   // Make Web Site Instructions 
The Following Sites offer courses Free or Paid – from different Universities WorldWide
Pcb123 Design and Order Printed Circuit Boards
HSBC Offshore Banking
Free IDE Netbeans by Oracle – Docs

How to update && upgrade a Linux Distro
5 Distros (5 Different command procedures)


Ubuntu 17.10, CentOS 7.2, Fedora 26, Antergos 18.3 (ArchLinux rolling-release), OpenSuse 42


coming soon!

Ubuntu 17.10

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo update-manager
sudo do-release-upgrade

CentOS 6 & 7.2

cat /etc/redhat-release
yum check-update
yum update
yum upgrade

Fedora 26 –> 27
sudo dnf upgrade –refresh   # double dash without space between dashes
sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
sudo dnf system-upgrade download –releasever=27   # last dash is double dash without space between dashes
sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

Antergos 18.3 (ArchLinux rolling-release)


OpenSuse 42