How to buy a Laptop or Mini-PC – A Quick Guide for Making the Right Choice

How to buy a Laptop or Mini-PC: A Quick Guide for Making the Right Choice

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Moving to a Windows 10 PC –

Linux Laptops

Other Solutions for Mini-PCs

Notes Additional Models

* XEON Laptops [USA]

HP ZBook 17 G6 [DE]

** Apple MacBook Pro [DE]



Dell XPS 15 [DE]



*** ACEPC Mini PC Intel Core [USA]
i5 Mini PCs [UK]
Minisforum Mini PC – Best under 469.00
[DE] – [UK]

**** Minisforum Mini PC – Best under 259.00
[DE] – [UK]
ACEPC Mini PC – Best under 279.00

Μοναδικές παλιές φωτογραφίες, Μεταλλείο-Ορυχείο Λίμνης – Limni Mine – Polis, Unique Old Photographs

Μοναδικές παλιές φωτογραφίες, Μεταλλείο-Ορυχείο Λίμνης – Limni Mine – Polis, Unique Old Photographs


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You can download the HTML5/CSS3 code here:


If you can not access NAS try this

If you can not access NAS try this:

go in Windows 10 search or Control Panel search and type “windows features”

choose “Turn Windows Features on or off”

Scroll list of features down and Ensure the checkboxes in green rectagle are all checked…

After a Restart [Windows will prompt to do so] your NAS should be accessed from Windows Explorer / File Explorer – in Network folder.


The best way to search for a Laptop or Desktop Computer

The best way to search for a Laptop or Desktop Computer medium to high priced for a purpose eg Software & Web Development or another item is just to create something for this in a related channel, like a YouTube video, blog article, Presentation, Excel Info/List, an Infographics, or other…

Create something RELEVANT
YouTube video mp4 or/and // eg “best laptops for software development in every budget”
Presentation Pptx or/and
Excel sheet/list xlsx or/and
Blog articles WordPress or/and
?…or another item, just create something in relation to this item, its category, or its usage…

This also the case in case you read a textbook/book especially in Programming
After finish reading a chapter or section, practice examples, do exercises in code by typing scripts and run code in IDE, Emulator, Browser,…etc
In addition, you will get embedded in your head, more what you have read by implementing an App with related programming as the chapter you read or write a guide how-to in programming related in your blog,…

I learn this by creating a YouTube video & Blog post & Presentation [all these] for my blog, about buying a laptop for specific needs[particularly Software Development] in different budgets, I learned a lot about the laptops market – even the laptop market local or online is huge… like many hidden secret models of laptops – were in the market but un-noticed… to me!!!

How to Convert a Physical Windows or Linux PC to a Virtual Machine

In YouTube Video below I use StarWind to Convert Physical to Virtual Machine, and VMware Workstation Pro 15 to run/play VM… file created…!!

I gave this cmd [boot from ISO windows 10 go command prompt] from the command prompt:

bcdboot C:\Windows

To Solve Successfully the Boot Problem – try it if your symptom is the same This command from



Donate   or 



lwdlse or lselwd




How to buy a Xeon convertible laptop for creative artists and content creators

How to buy a laptop for Software Development & Web Development

How to buy a laptop for Software Development & Web Development

Using Web APIs in your Code

Connect your App with Web APIs


new eBook at by LSE

support here:

more coming soon!


First Printing/Edition: 2020 July

ISBN 978-1-71673-318-5


COVER (C) 2020 July

Bravo!!! Apple: A decade with iPad 1 – 2010-2020

The Secret is — Used Only for eBook Reading

Bravo!!! Apple
A decade and beyond with iPad 1 from 09 June 2010 to +09 June 2020
Secret :/ only read ebooks,

85% of time spent on GoodReader eReader App,…

The main 5 apps I have spent time with mostly:
GoodReader, Notes, Safari, Settings, Mail

In 2-days it will be 10-years since I bought my first e-reader device an iPad 1.

I look forward to using it beyond that point in time…!

Thank You! Apple

Bravo & Thank you Apple Inc.

invoice purchased 10 – years ago !!!

A decade and beyond with Apple iPad 1 [2010-2020] – Secrets of longevity from Leonidas Savvides

My Links from my old Phone

Tech Links [ Computers Programming Russian ] – No Comment!

New Site

New Site

THE Group of Websites

BUY/SELL used/new Cyprus Wide





Coming Soon!

Two games/script examples [Snake, Tetris] in Pygame where initially enter Username and also have Top Ten Score/Username Rank…

YouTube Video below! embed below!

If you like to buy for 7.00$ email me – Included: The 2 Games + the 2 Games the same but with functionality added: Username enter & Top 10 Players keep in a text file, support for 3-months on the scripts – Drop me an email    // All payments PayPal guarantee



PC to VM converter

PC to VM converter


I recently converted a Windows 7 Home OS [old Dell Laptop] to vmdk Virtual Machine (VM)…

I will describe here the important points of the procedure. – This video discusses and demonstrates how to convert a physical machine into a virtual machine that will run on VMware Fusion, Workstation or Player.


Points to keep in mind

Set in resulting VM Network all 3 types of NAT, Host-Only, Bridge so as the VM has Connection to the internet.

RAM will be Ram of the converter PC… for me was 3.8GB so after finished Prior run VM round it to 4GB and after because the total RAM in my host PC is 32GB I increase it to 8GB exactly.

Follow the instructions in the tutorial & article above… VMWare converter server service must get started prior to starting the converting procedure. In my case, the software prompted me to START THIS SERVICE in Windows 7 Home.



















Your OLD PC CPU can Not run vmware… then try this…

If Your OLD PC CPU can Not run Vmware Player … ( cpu older than 2010 ) do Not give up try…

Then you can try install Virtual Box from Oracle…

Success worked

PC supports Visualization but CPU very old to install Vmware Player so installed Virtual Box …

For Questions email me

Get weather in CLI in Linux

First install w3m terminal browser with:

sudo apt install w3m


to get weather type






According to the desired location

Make sure Terminal window is expanded – large size mode, to see weather easily




Y/n   Y





Send SMS with Python 3 &

Send SMS with Python 3 &



If you wanted in your PHP web site or Python Program, send SMS you can follow below :

The latter zip file is a complete Python program – when you press switch [press space bar emulated here] eg Enter a PC Lab room the switch turn True… then recorded in TXT file the date/time entered, appear on the Pygame window this time, and an SMS sent to your Mobile.



Trial Free Twilio account – a limit on free SMS


Twilio credentials lines 15-16

# Your Account Sid and Auth Token from
# DANGER! This is insecure. See
account_sid = ”
auth_token = ”


Twilio Telephone number provided by Twilio account and your own mobile number [SMS delivered]  lines 70-71

from_=’+11234567890′, # personal Twilio account telephone number
to=’+11234567890′ # your number – notified / delivered the SMS


if you need help contact me



Linux Distributions with most pre installed Software

Linux Distributions with most pre installed Software/Apps/Games


Coming Soon !

For Now Check Out / Googling

  1. Ubuntu Studio OS – Creators Distro
  2. Zorin OS Educational – Educational/Student Distro
  3. Debian – Raspbian OS for PCs and Macs – Educational/Programming/Projects w/ Pi Distro


Useful Composer PHP Package Manager Commands

Useful Composer PHP 7 Package Manager Commands



Composer is fairly easy to update, just run this command:
composer self-update

Composer works by using the configuration in a file called composer.json, where you can
outline external dependencies and your autoloading style. Once Composer has installed
dependencies listed in this file, it writes a composer.lock file that details the exact
versions it has installed. When using version control it is important that you commit this file
(alongside the composer.json file), don’t add it to your .gitignore file if you’re on Git.
This is very important because the lock file details the exact version of a package that was
installed at a particular time in your version control system. You can, however, exclude a
directory called vendor,

So now we can add the following markup to the composer.json file:

  "autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
      "IcyApril\\ChapterOne": "src/"
So let me explain what this file does; it tells Composer to autoload everything in the

So, the next step is to create our src directory where we include the code we want to
autoload. Done that? Right, now let's open up our command line and move into the
directory where we've put our composer.json file.
In order to install everything in the composer.json file in your project just run the
composer install command. For subsequent updates, the composer update command
will update to the latest versions of all dependencies as defined in composer.json. If you
don't want to do this, though, there is an alternative; running the composer dump-autoload
command will solely regenerate the list of the PSR-0/PSR-4 classes that need to
be included in the project (for example, you add, delete, or rename some of your classes).
Now let me cover how you will actually go about creating a class. So, let's create an src
directory in our project and in that src directory create a new class called Book. You can do
this by creating a file called Book.php. In that file, add something like this:

namespace IcyApril\ChapterOne;

class Book
  public function __construct()
    echo "Hello world!";


The line after you put in your PHP opening tag, we need to pull in our autoloader script:

Then we can instantiate our Book class:
new \IcyApril\ChapterOne\Book();