My new 15″ Mac Book Pro 2016

My new 15′ Mac Book Pro 2016 – Unboxing & Review
(MBP 2016 & Accessories)


I definitely recommend use/read manual prior using your new Mac… I also turned off File Vault [is turned Off by default – but by error activated it] for a little more faster usage of the MBP.

here are some extracts from manual….




Ordering accessories procedure I followed…. [US]  >>> [FL, US Forward address]  >>>  Europe [My Home]

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Mac Book Pro 2016 Accessory : usb c hub

usb c hub

aukey usb c hub

aukey usb c hub


samsung t3 ssd

samsung t3 ssd

Mac Book Pro 2016 Accessory : mbp2016_sleeve

mbp2016 sleeve




















































Buy from Amazon   aukey hub   Samsung T3 ssd   hub hdmi   sleeve case

Shipping address in Amazon put your forward address MyUS: Free 1 Month Membership + 20% off your 1st Shipment!

After all items delivered to Forward address

Request shipment to you eg Europe or Africa …


Amazon Order History – Last 6 mos


MyUS Box/Suite (Fwd Address from US, FL => To me Europe) Prior Ship it to me!


MyUS Box/Suite After Ship it to me!


Unboxing Accessories


Unboxing MBP 2016 15″


Arranging Boot Order in BIOS – Set Boot Order in a PC

Note Boot Order in my PC: In my PC a HP Compaq 8200 Elite Micro Tower PC , On startup PC Press(press many times the …) just prior Windows 10 logo appear:

F9 – temporary choose Boot Device (Disk) – without changing/entering the BIOS setup

F10 – enter Bios setup to set Boot Order Permanently, till you change it again


Set Boot Order

To arrange boot order in BIOS so can boot from desired location/media/disk you setup Bios temp or permanently so the desired is the first booting device e.g. DVD (1) > USB stick/Disk (2) > HDD (3) … meaning boot from DVD if you have bootable CD or DVD, (if not) boot from USB if you have Bootable USB Stick or USB HDD… etc.

To boot from DVD Or USB bootable media:
1. If you use a USB flash drive as a bootable media, plug it into the USB port.
2. Turn your computer on. During the Power-On Self Test (POST), you will see the key combination that you need to press in order to enter BIOS.
3. Press the key combination (such as, Del, F1, Ctrl+Alt+Esc, Ctrl+Esc, in my PC is F10). BIOS setup utility will open. Note that BIOS may differ in appearance, sets of items, names, etc.
Some motherboards have a so called boot menu opened by pressing a certain key or key combination, for instance, F12. The boot menu allows selecting the boot device from a list of bootable devices without changing the BIOS setup [in my PC this is F9].
4. If you use a CD or DVD as a bootable media, insert it in the CD or DVD drive.
5. Make your media (CD, DVD or USB drive) device the first booting device:

1. Navigate to the Boot order setting by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
2. Place the pointer on the device of your bootable media and make it the first item in the list. You can usually use the Plus Sign and the Minus Sign keys to change the order.


Bios setup image

boot order in Bios


6. Exit BIOS and save the changes that you made. The computer will boot from bootable media if present.
If the computer fails to boot from the first device, it tries to boot from the second device in the list, and so on.


Notes & More Reading



Free Tools for Mac users – most are for Windows/Linux as well

File Vault, Time Machine & Cloud Storage etc cool Mac tasks that not cost you a dime
Free Tools for Mac users – most are for Windows/Linux as well



This article aimed for Mac users or developers using a Mac, and is about the free tools you can use for development, or the basic Mac computer tasks make you safer or more productive user/developer.
Mac tricks makes you a better User.

File Vault – encrypt your drive

With File Vault (read more below) enabled you can encrypt your Mac SSD or HDD Drive so every time you switch on your Mac you insert a pass phrase to use it. Even your Disk drive removed from your Mac and used elsewhere your data are still Not accessible without the secret pass phrase. Pass phrase can be your Apple ID password in new Macs. You can disable/re-enable it if you like or if you do Not want it any more.


As of Anti-virus I use the Free AVG for Mac Anti-Virus [note: Viruses are very rare on Macs].

Time Machine & Cloud Storage – two(2) different backup methods, required both 

Time Machine backups – if the File Vault is enabled – require pass phrase so in other words backup is encrypted and protected. Time Machine backup – you can restore even OS, Apps and Data with it – is done by me every 2-3 months since I have and Windows PCs and use Mac 2-4 times a week only. During backup I exclude my Parallels Virtual Machines since do not use a lot and backup separately every year Ubuntu OS, Chrome OS & Windows Vista OS.

I also use for instant backup Cloud Storage from many cloud storage providers (all free plans 5GB-15GB) namely iCloud Drive(Apple), Google Drive, One Drive(Microsoft), Dropbox Drive. If for example I create a mock-up, doc, ppt, xls or other file, I save it to cloud, that way is on my machine and cloud and can also access from other devices including mobile (connected to the cloud/internet). So I feel secure and impossible to loose data and any file… All for free.

Write, Keynote, Numbers, Apple Mail

What I also like about (new) Macs is that come pre-installed with Write, Keynote, Numbers Apps and also Apple Mail.

Mac OS Server App

I also installed Mac OS Server App (by Apple that cost below 20$ – the only expense as of software) that make the Mac a server[web server, mail server, … Etc] and I am experimenting with it…

Web/Mobile Developer/Designer Applications – mostly free and open source

As an web/mobile developer/designer I build mobile apps and responsive sites so, I installed  –  free mostly given, tools by Mobile OS mfg like Google, Apple & MicroSoft  –  SDKs for Android and iOS, Xcode, Eclipse, JDeveloper, Android Studio, Intel XDK IDE, Brackets web code editor, NetBeans, Cordova CLI tools, NodeJs, all freeware. Basically I find that I need nothing else for my work except Adobe Fireworks or PhotoShop (paid both) but you can install the freeware GIMPShop that just do the same.
Note: all the tools in this paragraph exist also for Windows(not Xcode/iOS-SDK) and some for Linux.
Addition: I recently installed VMWare Fusion Pro 8 and run Windows 10 Pro VM and added Visual Studio 2015 Community IDE for Windows Development on the Mac.


With these tools you can become an advanced & safer user/developer at almost no cost.



Reference Links

Also some cool Web Based Apps

These are what I use. There are many other equivalents, too.

The benefits of education will only be online, nationally and internationally, from digital devices of now and the future

The benefits of education will only be online, nationally and internationally,
from digital devices of now and the future

In fact the proliferation of only online education should make public schools and governments more involved in online virtual world and I think should bring many benefits in addition to benefits brought by the involvement of Internet today.

There will be many accurate and free online academic and other resources from government agencies, making the web a better place. This should influence all Internet workforce but mainly online learners, researchers and students. Also government agencies should develop more and better and free online learning tools helping more the online web workers, students and learners to learn what they want easily and accurately.

Also not optional online education will make offline education limited to only practical sessions required in some educational fields. In a few  years with this setup, required online education should self-develop to the level could not make any further progress, so the world will reach a peak in technology and education development. This will make the most people to achieve the skills in their target subject or subjects easily.

Online education means learning without distractions, at your comfort or your own environment. You no longer will have to travel to school or buy books or other school materials. In other words costs and time should be saved and used for other activities that bring more skills and learning than it’s offline counterpart.

The technology tools for permanent online education I think should be the same as today’s online education, the Computer, Tablet, and Phone, and the Network, as of hardware. The development of software connected to Internet should make a lot of progress and development with gov agencies involved. Books should be in electronic format in digital libraries either governments’ public online libraries or schools online libraries.

Communication will increase but stay to the level of today with email, and chat text, voice, video, notifications and alerts, and social networks communication. This via Wi-Fi and cellular 3G and 4G technologies.

In conclusion I think governments should enforce required online education, and by the year 2020 all countries’ education should be online. All walks of life will reach top development by then.

Tablets in schools and universities

Author: Leonidas Savvides,  @lwdlse

Computing in class: Desktop: 1990-2000, Laptop: 2000-2010, Tablet: 2010+
Main Tablet OS:  Google Android, Apple iOS, MicroSoft Windows 8/10

Two decades ago and particularly from 1990-2000 desktops were de facto standard for students. A decade ago and particularly from 2000 to 2010, laptops started transforming the college experience; today and from 2010, tablets have become a necessity and a way to reduce costs and to become more efficient in all our productivity and more.

Tablets complement Smart Phones although there are many uses exclusively to each.

As an essential to student success Tablets will become this year (2014-2015) the tool of every student, in other words no student can do without one. These smart screens provide tactile, intuitive experiences that are perfect for hands-on learning and social interaction. Given that books and friends are college students’ primary priorities, the tablet is a great tool for achieving academic and social success.

With so many Apps for Tablets is hard to imagine a task you cannot do without.

Tablets represent efficiency in the classroom. They allow for faster, more fluid learning in both lectures and seminars, as the tablet enables quicker note taking. Easy access to apps in class allows students to engage with new information and contribute relevant material to the class conversation. That means that info is instantly accessible, so that students can instead concentrate on critical thinking.

The physical dimensions and nature of Laptops are done them unsuitable for classroom or at least not like their successors Tablets; this for the face to face professor-student or student-student communication.

Financially, tablets reduce the costs in the long run. They offer additional savings through e-books—a cheaper, lighter alternative to expensive textbooks. Also you have the ability to keep your eBooks intact and annotate digitally a copy of them, and keep them both in Tablet or Computer where easy access and no non-found problems. Also eBooks take no space in your room any number to have.

Personally I believe the more you know about Apps and Tablet usage the more benefit you will have from it. College students should benefit more from High School students and from Primary Pupils. Gaming I think goes more for non-college users.

I think Tablets should be introduced to schools of all levels by law and special education (and guides published) about their usage should be provided appropriately. Also students must be given special treatment not to spent most of their time in non-education matters such watching video or playing games, rather concentrate first on their courses and if there is spare time to do concentrate on some other activity.

PR Polis Travel Guide App

PR – Polis Travel Guide App

Note: Polis Travel Guide has been released for BlackBerry 10 Smart Phones & Tablets on Wed 22/10/2014. You can DownLoad it here.

Note: Polis Travel Guide has been released for Windows Smart Phones & Tablets on Thu 16/10/2014. You can DownLoad it here.

Also on AndroidYou can DownLoad it here, or for Amazon Fire Android Tablets & Phones.

New Polis Resort Travel Guide App, a comprehensive guide about Polis with Polis Maps, Services & Attractions, Travel Notes, Photo Sharing, Hits App Stores This Week.


This is the only App about Polis as of this writing. You must download if you plan to visit, stay or work in Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus. App will be available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and later for Windows Phone, Nokia, HP web OS, FireFoxOS, Ubuntu Phone etc.


Polis, Cyprus , April 03, 2014 — At last a Polis Chrysochous App hits Samsung Apps Store and Android Play store (soon in iOS App Store, Windows App Store and Blackberry Store) this week. This is the only App about Polis exclusively, and has many interesting features.

In the App you will find almost all Services offered with map location and contact and Internet data, from Government to Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes, Apts, Doctors, and Pharmacy etc. There is a Save to your Device Contacts button for each contact. There is a Search-Polis page where you can search all Polis data. You will find also the Cyprus & Polis emergency telephones and other important numbers. Just press to call the number or sms or save in your Device Contacts. News/Announcements/Events & Special Offers in Polis Pages exist and updated weekly. And also Contact Us, About Polis & about Cyprus Facts Pages.

Also there is Map functionality with map tracking, in all App… From Services, Attractions to Travel Notes (where Note taken)…GPS & Internet connections required for using this. Also there is a photo gallery with slide show auto play functionality, Flickr photos, a third party Video from YouTube about Polis & Latchi, and Cyprus weather link page.

Travel Notes embedded feature let you get your Travel Notes and record map location Note taken at (if you like) and the date and time, along with title & description. You can search your Travel Notes too.

Photo Share feature lets you upload your Polis photos (20 uploads total per account) but will be Public and cannot be deleted – in the next version will be delete your photos button. Also there are login, logout, upload, and camera pages along view All Photo Uploads page plus view My Uploads (only your photos) page. Photos are saved on the Appcelerator ACS Internet service and NOT on your device, so Internet required using this.


To Download the App just surf to Samsung Apps Store or go to App Web Site!

Samsung Apps Download

Buttons-05     [1.0.1 – Summer 2015]

Amazon Fire Apps Download

Buttons-09   [Sept 2014]

    [Dec 2014]


Soon in (for 2.99$) :



App Web Site:  or
Or free try here (limited features):



Chrome Web Store App – Free Demo


About L web dev net

L web dev net(LSE freelance Developer)  is a web and mobile development office in Polis – Cyprus. We develop native Android mobile Apps as well as Cross Platform HTML5 hybrid mobile Apps. We also develop Chrome and Facebook Apps and Responsive Web Sites (and Mobile Web Apps) in general.

We can be reached at or 00357-99300548.



Leonidas Savvides (Freelance Web/Mobile Developer/Designer)

skype: lwdlse  , twitter: @lwdlse
00-357-9930-0548 (sms/voice – mobile)


# # #


Polis Travel Guide App

Polis Travel Guide App 1.4.3 released for Android

Note: Polis Travel Guide have been released for BlackBerry 10 Smart Phones & Tablets on Wed 22/10/2014. You can DownLoad it here.

Note: Polis Travel Guide have been released for Windows Smart Phones & Tablets 8 on Thu 16/10/2014. You can DownLoad it here.

Also on AndroidYou can DownLoad it here, or for Amazon Fire Android Tablets & Phones.

Leonidas Savvides (@lwdlse) Web/Mobile Developer/Designer in Polis, Cyprus.  free Demo to try – Polis Travel Guide App – Download We introduce the Polis Travel Guide App 1.0.1 for Android available from the Google Play Store or from Samsung Apps Store for 2.99 $. The App contains essential info for Polis, like contact data of services and shops, useful tel numbers, maps, private travel notes keeper, share publicly your photos with other app users, Polis photo gallery, Flickr Photos Integration, video about Polis(3rd-party), special local offers, events in Polis, instant call a number or sms(or call) if the number is mobile… also ability to save each entry(shop or service contact details) data as a contact entry in your device contacts.

To sms/call a number either

Launch App and in HomePage – main menu choices: Press Useful Tel Numbers ver1.3(or Tel Numbers ver1.0) and press the number.

home page



Or Launch App and in HomePage – main menu choices: Press Search, search for that you want in the search box, and the click it, and in Contact View press the number or if is mobile and want sms, press (SMS) to the left of mobile number. Or Launch App and in HomePage – main menu choices: Press Services and Shops, browse for that Service and in Contact View press the number or if is mobile and want sms it press (SMS) to the left of mobile number. To save a contact details entry press “Save in Device Contacts” in the contact view page and will saved as a contact in your Device Contacts, all contact details included.























To share public your photos with other app users

Launch App and in HomePage – footer choices: Press ShareShots and after sign up for a free account,  upload photos or go to photos. Here you see first 100 uploads of photos from all users and if you want view only your photos press My Photos only In All Photos. You can have up to 20 Public photos per account. (coming Private Photos – delete a Photo function).


photos public share account












To write, view, delete, edit your private Travel Notes

Launch App and in HomePage – footer choices: Press TravelNotes, and then press Enter. To Write a note Press NEW Entry. To view/edit a Note press the Note in the HomePage List view. After press Edit or Delete or Back to return back. Or, press view Map to see the Map note taken at if GPS was enabled.










































What do you want to see next from Polis Travel Guide App. Let us know in the comments section below (or at ), after you play with the latest version. Help shape the future of Polis town. Note: App coming for BlackBerry 10,  Win 7 / Win 8 Phone, phones/tablets in October 2014, and in the November 2014 for iOS. Coming features are  public chat room page inside the App, for App users, and delete your photos and private photos functionality, and Social integration Facebook & Twitter. Leonidas Savvides Web/Mobile Developer/Designer in Polis, Cyprus. @lwdlse  free Demo to try – Polis Travel Guide App – Download – PR

Android Apps MarketPlaces

Android Apps MarketPlaces

Android Apps may get downloaded & installed from: former Google App Market Place

Mfg Sites:

———————————————— Android App Store only for US


Note: this article in Under Development, please check back soon!
Also coming Android/Java/Eclipse Forums List/Article!

The benefits and drawbacks of modern technology

When someone refers for today’s modern technology, surely he refers to the 21st century, Information Age and the Internet as the communication media of the new millennium. Of course this 17 year history of the Internet brought indirectly many significant advances in other Science and Technology fields. Without doubt Internet changed our lives for ever decisively and absolutely.

Today, just with a PC and an internet connection, without additional costs you can send instantly and receive instantly messages(emails) from the other corner of the world just not long before ago you have to await letter to get to recipient in about 7 days if not lost in transit and other so the reply to return to you. Now you can find almost any piece of info with a web browser and chat (eg.Skype), again freely using text, audio or even video.

Another area of technology bring change to us, is Mobile Communications. We are NOT away from the fact each individual, will posses a mobile phone for fun or for business, anywhere he is in the world, anytime. Today exists such services in the mobile world as talking, Small Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Message Service (MMS), or chatting with text, and also accessing the Internet from mobile phone using either wifi access point or 3G cellular internet, and hence you may browse or send email or use some other service of the Internet, anywhere and anytime. Coming is Mobile video calling.

Of course Mobile Communications is very closely related to the Internet, both networks belonging to Electronic Age Revolution of computers in general. This top edge of technology brings us many benefits as well as drawbacks too.

Benefits include fast and more accurate communications and business. Now for example in case of danger eg car accident away from the town, you can use your mobile to call the emergency number immediately and authorities to find automatically using cellular network services, your position on the map you call from, so help come accurately and immediately.

Internet makes us more Socialable people in all steps of life, Social Internet Networks are on rise these days. Now our time is better spent, and use efficiently. Rather use snail mail now we are using email, rather use standard telephone network call now we are using chatting via text, audio, video and file transfer. Almost now any info can get accessed via a web browser using an Internet search engine.

Chatting etc services brings fun, work and education too. Leaning online is a consequence of all these. Now universities provide part or full degrees online. This use of internet technology tools and cost is only from university fees. Also language learning can be taken with technology and resources of the Internet. All these are a click away.

As of security now when you are away, you can watch your office or home via security cameras through the internet. Also when you plan a trip domestic or international, on the Internet you can plan and book everything for it. Also, your Bank can accessed via internet banking with a web browser, so as access accounts, transfer money, order replacements etc.

On the other hand beyond these benefits, Internet Age brings and some subtle drawbacks.

Now when you are online your Internet PC without even know it can get compromised by bad guys, that can stole anything from company data to credit card numbers covering their tracks. The attacks can be done on Internet Servers as well, making services unavailable, may be in emergency sometimes. Banks are on instant danger for example, a bad guy may change account data and more.

Of course many anti-criminal tools exist like anti-virus tools, anti-malware, anti-spyware and so on, that must be considered by any Internet user.

Of course as internet makes us smarter, so does smarter the street thieves too. So we must be careful in using all of our possessions, and especially credit cards in front of cameras in all steps of life. Thieves continue to discover new ways, to draw your attention, and so on and so forth.

Finally I think new technology has brought many advantages and drawbacks. People behind the internet and technology think well before they create it, so as to advance our lives and NOT to degrade it. So in my opinion I believe, modern technology has brought more goods to us, rather than drawbacks. In case of drawbacks exist always an anti solution. Technology is going to advance, but as we proceed this is going more slowly, and it will stay good for us, in all its way.

Leaflet: Security of your Possessions while you are traveling

When you plan to travel abroad you must take actions, “Before you go” as well as “During your stay” and also “On your return”.

Here are the most important actions you must take care of:

A) Before you go


Money & ID matters

Make two photocopies of your Passport, ID card, Drivers License, Credit Cards, and Airline or Sea Tickets. Also note your Laptop and Mobile phone S/Ns etc id numbers and characteristics so can identified in case found after lost. Keep one copy in your home and the other in your suitcase not near your valuables.

Do NOT take with you, all your credit cards, Social security card but only the necessary ones. Do not keep all cards or valuables in one place but in two places.

Better take with you an old mobile phone or old laptop without important data on them like passwords, you may just want to access with this laptop your bank account over the internet, but only in secure places like your hotel, but not in internet cafes.

After contact your Bank saying you plan to travel in the particular country for any advice tips has and can give. Ask in case of lost or theft of money possessions like cards or cash how to cancel and how to replace them anywhere in the places you plan to travel taking all possibilities. Learn phone numbers or web sites you can disable cards in case of lost or order new ones along with cash. Keep these along photocopies above and on your mobile phone. Also keep emergency numbers in the visited country like Hospital, Police, Fire, Hotel, Taxis, and your embassy of course.

Country profile

First read country profile, and learn about laws & customs, criminality, maps, transport routes, internet criminality, and recent news. All can found online.


Also it is good if, in a country where English is spoken in a small scale, to learn some local language words/phrases and bring with you a Language-to-Language Dialogs pocket-book, this could be used anywhere in your trip.

Laptop & Mobile Phone (wifi/3G/Roaming)

Find out on your trip places and stays where could you have safe internet connection (May for internet banking) and also arrange with your cellular and internet provider in your home country, roaming costs and plans for the visited country. You may consider buying a Roaming Data plan for your internet connections, for one month from your cellular provider.

Notify some family members or some friends only of your trip, and say for example if not on the phone every 2-3 days something happened.



B) During your stay


While you are going out of your hotel get with you 2 credit cards and some cash only, rest leave the in hotel safe along with all other ID materials. Keep the pre-referred photocopies in your suitcase.

Lock always the hotel room.


Take only authorized taxis.

On trains, trams or buses you may drugged and robbed while sleeping. Avoid long waits in terminals; hence pickpockets, thieves, and violent offenders are common in such areas.

Laptop theft is common in Airports.

Laptop & Mobile Phone (wifi/3G/Roaming)

Use wifi or Ethernet internet connection of your Hotel, but not in internet cafes hence they are more secure. Bad guys may compromise your connection at times and steal private info or install malware in your laptop.

Do not attach Devices in your laptop like USB memory sticks.

Do Logon to company network only from company’s laptop.

If you lost your Laptop or/and Mobile Phone immediately report it, to local authorities and to your consulate with your photocopies and ID numbers.

Money Matters

If you lose your wallet (all or part of your possessions) immediately report it, to local authorities and to your consulate along provide your photocopies. Also call your bank’s staff for this purpose, so as to cancel credit cards and send replacements to your hotel or consulate.

Before you depart for your home country

Just when everything went ok and ready for departure, in your hotel, compare/check/count all your possessions and ID Documents with photocopies like credit cards, traveler’s checks left, Passport, Driving License. If something is missing notify Authorities or Bank immediately.

C) On your return

On your return compare/check/count all your possessions and ID Documents with photocopies like credit cards, traveler’s checks left, Passport, Driving License. If something is missing notify Authorities or Bank immediately.

Also just on arrival home and too thereafter 1 or 2 months, check your Bank Accounts and credit cards statements online from your online bank account, for any malware activity. If you detected anything, you should contact your bank immediately to cancel the credit card(s).

Links: FBI,

Learn A New Language – via Internet

Today is the best time for new Language, learners. Of course, I mean today Internet technology. Learning of course, has to make the big effort for it. Of course if you know 2-3 languages to learn another must be easier, also language are categorized by difficulty
I write this as a Russian learner, for my blog. I choose Russian as, the language has/use 20% of Greek and English words (eg robot=робот=ροπότ). Also Russian is an important language for science and technology. According to a recent study, the number of publications in the sciences is highest for English, with Russian second (link).

The major teaching communication (with distance teacher) tool I use is the free Skype Internet messager [], of course you may use similar free chat/messager tools like GoogleTalk, MSN, …etc but you must use identical tool with teacher. With Skype you may have teacher to student or, teacher to students (group talk), free voice/text/video chat or even screen sharing (Skype 5). With Skype you may also send files to your talking partner… Email client programs also are used widely for communication and homework submit.

You can find a teacher easily online using special websites like
 and Here you register free as a teacher or as a student saying the languages you speak and the current interested language to learn. Teachers then look for you, or you(as student) may search/browse for teachers by the language they teach, country they are located, and so on. If you want group lessons which I do not like (by one to one talking you gain more and teacher has to do only with you, although cost is bigger in this case, not as in a group which cost is shared) you may find friends locally or classmates or friends online (facebook,…etc) to learn with you.

Surely exist online websites offering ready online classes with students from around the world, not have to setup yourself the environment…
(these also offer one to one Lessons).
Of course, exist for other languages identical Sites, just search for “skype online french lessons” or search the or similar site.

Considering the vast number of sites available today, there is more than enough good information to learn/read about grammar, most common words/verbs, starter points in a language,…etc, in text, voice, or video sometimes, and also quizzes, exercises to practice on, all is free. Also you may find online, some complete ebooks in PDF format, I found 7 in “Learn Russian” (in English) but not all in beginning level. Ebooks are paperbacks in electronic format.

As of real paperback books, there are teach yourself materials or teacher assistance materials for any language online, just search your online bookstore or google eg. “teach yourself Russian books”, or “Learn French books”. You may also find story books (eg novels or short stories) in your target language or search for books in a bookstore in that country language is spoken eg in a Russian bookstore if you look for Russian books, where also you may find all kind of books, from science to technical to social science and so on. If you have difficulty with the language you may try Google Translate to translate whole page to eg Russian->English, also if you click a link next page translated automatically. You may also request from a friend or teacher search a book for you or, even send you some books… The latter may be required for your language studies.

Online also you will find free access to online live or on demand, radio or TV station programs, just search eg “Russian online radio stations”, or any other language. Of course, you must pass the beginner level for this. There are also online newspapers and magazines in any field in your target language, just always search eg. “Russian newspapers”. Sometimes preferred find a website with a list of all newspapers by country like Same applies to magazines/journals although they may be listed together along with newspapers sometimes. You may also like this for Russian

As you know on the Internet you can find almost anything, so here is some Learn a language Tips guides (there’s and multi-language forum too here)

At end, if you have questions and need answer but you do not know where get it, you may post your question in a forum of your target language, just search Google “Russian language forum” register/confirm-Your-Email and post it to appropriate category. Just remember choose “email me upon reply” or you may have to return in forum/myPosts to check for a reply manually.

Other Sites: Have categories of similar items/icons with icon and spelling/pronunciation (voice)
Text-to-speech voice in 10 languages, virtual-keyboards in many more languages, dictionaries, spell Checker, and some others All the words in the world pronounced|en| Translation Gadget with pronunciation (voice)

Please visit my blog to read this online, or browse through the listed resources, as I say before for my target language:Russian.

LSE, Polis, Paphos. Russian resources. My blog.

P.S. If you think the languages of Internet Users, see

This is my blog for my web dev biz… my Office & Home Office!

photoThis blog is my first blog for my web development business… –  Polis  –  Cyprus

Skype: lseona [100% online] or lselwd

 In my work flow, I use Adobe Products, I also use NetBeans, Eclipse, Notepad++, Xcode, … I use and online tools like Adobe Kuler, Moq-ups, …
 I am: Web Site Designer 20%, Web Site Developer 50%, Mobile Developer 30%.
  1. Adobe DW cs6.  50%
  2. Adobe FW, AI & PS cs6. 15%
  3. Eclipse 20%
  4. Netbeans 5%
  5. Others 10% (including online tools)